Susan Dooley, LMBT

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Several events led up to Susan getting into the massage field. Her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and after spending many hours massaging her head, hands and feet she saw how much it helped her feel more comfortable. Susan decided she needed a little down time to relax and get herself ready for the hard road she was to travel with my mother.

After receiving a massage, Susan realized it was not just a luxury but it truly was a theraputic necessity for anyone going through a hard time such as what she had gone through.

That massage was so important to her during that time that she wanted to be able to give the same kind of support to someone else going through a hard time.

Susan went to visit Kneaded Energy School of Massage and signed up that day.

A few weeks in to her classes, she realized how much she loved the field and knew right away that she wanted to do this as a full time career.

She graduated from her classes October 2011 and started Inner Balance in January 2012.

Susan worked part time at Balance Day Spa and although she enjoyed her time there she realized her passion was geared towards clients that needed specific work, such as deep tissue, and were more comfortable in a smaller, more personalized atmosphere.

With the support of all of her loyal clients, she has been able to grow her business enough that Inner  Balance will be moving to a larger studio that will allow her to offer a few more services that she was not able to offer in the current location.

Susan believes the best way to give back to the community is to get involved, so she has spent many hours performing chair massage at community events, such as The Mudd Bug Run, Level 5 Fitness, and the Marine Run.

Susan is grateful to be able to get up every day and do exactly what she loves to do. There is nothing more fulfilling for her than when she knows that she has helped to put her clients’ mind, body and soul in a much calmer, more peaceful state than before they walked through her door.

Susan is our in-house massage therapist, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team!

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Phone: 336-362-1258